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A picture of the mysterious dog.

About the Mysterious DogEdit

Found 30 minutes ago and not seen since. This strange Dog wandered into The Mansion Entrance this morning, sniffing the floors and weeing against the door - marking his territory. Fucklips was the Receptionist at the time and attempted to 'shoe' the Dog away with a 'Get!' and a 'Go on! Out!' several times. As he got closer he noticed the Dog had an extremely human face, it frightened Fucklips to the point of fainting.
Since that happened half an hour ago there has been over 70 brutal deaths. Savaged bodies and torn flesh and limbs were discovered in The Playground of Neverending Fun, this contained the blood and skin of 30 innocent children. The next scene of crime was the Scientist Lab #5: Animal Sector. We lost a sum of 40 fully trained Workers that now each had a chompingly large hole in their throats and an extra 15 animals had been feasted upon, specifically Rabbits and Hares. The caged and infected animals has also been released into the Grounds causing mayhem everywhere.
The Dog is somewhere in The Mansion as Code BNK Lock-Down is set. Nobody can get in or out and we have Mikelle, Mike, Gruejor and Hugh scanning anywhere and everywhere. Meanwhile, 7UP, Scran, Abimbola and Madz are travelling with 18 leashed BNKanines that have the ability to sniff up to 10 miles away. If this Dog is not found soon there will be many more deaths to come.
Barry was seen sitting down on the edge of The Roof of The Mansion blowing a Dog Whistle. He was blowing it about every 20 seconds or so. The Camera shows Barry doing this for 12 minutes 4 seconds precisely - then suddenly the Dog jumps out behind him, Barry turns quickly and has a face that looks like somebody just burnt his favorite Mop - the Dog clutches to his grizzled pubey neck and rips out his whole adams apple, splashing blood all over the tiled roof floor and leaving Barry motionless and alone. This was the last time we saw Dog.
Mike has placed 'Beware of the Dog' signs all over The Mansion