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About 'Benson'Edit

Benson was a happy chap. He was 7 years old and was left for adoption at birth. He was just four weeks old when a couple had signed the official papers as guardians of Benson. When he moved into the home of Valery and John Hughes a further 2 weeks later, a sad occurance of Valery's death struck the life of John and his new child. The devastation hit John hard but he didn't turn his back to anything. Benson was too young to understand what had happened. The funeral will be held next week, on a Friday.

It was 1 month after the service. Already, John could tell something was amiss around the house. Things just weren't the same without Valery. Certain jobs that John never did, he now had to do. Aswell as take full care for Benson whom was a growing young boy, healthy, no signs of any abnormality. There was something John thought he heard last week - it was during the flush of a toilet that he heard multiple loud bangs and Benson scream. He ran at top speeds to Benson's room but he was lay in his crib snoozing away. John thought he was simply losing his mind...The following morning, John inspected the bedroom. There were small indentations in Bensons bedroom, against the bathroom wall exactly his size. He couldn't believe it. It couldn't be him? Nothing more happened of this context for a long time...

Benson's 7th Birthday.24th of September. It was a Friday. Ben, as he was now named for short, had been diagnosed with a mental disorder when he was 4. The Doctor said he will suffer blackouts and not have any memory of his doings. The blackouts are unpredictable but should only develop in his teenage years, making this next part utterly insane.

The Birthday celebration was coming to an end. John had packed everything away and was cleaning up inside. Ben was with a few friends in the Garden. It started to get cold out so they decided to go indoors. Upon Johns arrival to the garden, he saw Ben, stood with his big smiley face - with the 3 friends all slaughtered around him. There were fragments of skull and face somehow removed and placed on the BBQ grill. Limbs, strewn across the garden and innards plastered around everywhere. When John grabbed Ben in horror, screaming at him, the smile grew larger and his eyes looked towards the roof. It was Valery. Dug up and skeletal-like, hung over the drainpipe in a careless position. John collapsed in sheer shock and pain but remained shaking and crying. The blackout Benson had was over as he asked, "Daddy, what have you done?"