About 'Brink'Edit

Brink was created by scientists in 1873. It is a germ found manifesting around the eye balls of blind animals. The tears or 'fluid' of the blind animals are placed into a vial. Distillation is used to separate Brink from the fluid. Brink has been stewing for 130-so years and has been nicknamed 'The Colossal'. Brink is so large it can't physically move. However, with the ability of 'Psychosis' (unstable brain) and Telekinesis we have created one of Earths 1st Weapons. - We at The Mansion wish World Peace upon every living soul - minus the occupants here at The Mansion. Brink is our guardian, our savior. It helps the students here to commit suicide freely and silently - depending on the psychosis there have been a few reports of strangulated deaths, broken bones, crushed brains, tangled spines, eye-popping, loose teeth, balding, burnt skin, hair loss, dry eye lids, plump lips, diseased privates, scalped victims and new to our list is people becoming mentally attached to 'Demons and Evil'. Being on-the-brink of death finally makes sense here at The Delights.