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The Sheehan Residence

In traditional belief and fiction, a ghost, phantom, apparition or spook is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear, in visible form or other manifestation, to the living. Here at The Sheehan Residence lies a young girl named Mollie Sheehan, whom is trapped within the walls of her childhood home. Mollie, her parents and her siblings all died in a cunning house robbery back in the 1950's. They lost everything. War medals, jewelry, money - you name it. They also lost their lives, one by one, tied chair-to-chair and back-to-back. The group activity of a family loss brought grievance within the walls of this house, causing a paranormal rage to entrap and hold and live inside the residence.

Specifically aiming towards Mollie, who was a sweet and loving child and lived through the final stages of Word War II and having her Father back home from war made her an exceptionally happy kid. So bright and contoured into a smiley and merry child. The Sheehan Residence became a famous destination to visit - money piled in as folk from around the country visited such heroes like her Father who fought and succeeded in the War. Mollie was ecstatic to see people, other than herself who couldn't ever let go of her Father's respect and unity from the people all around the World. News reports, The President and the Government, people of all power came to visit The Sheehan Residence to show their appreciation. Mollie's Father would always have her sat on his knee during interviews and such, he was a proud Father, a loving Father, a hero.

It touched 1955, plenty of years after the War and things began to settle down for the Sheehan's. They had everything they needed right here at home. Mollie was now 18 years old and was being home schooled, all rich-kids had this. Normal schools were considered very middle-class and this wasn't the Sheehan way of things.

With a lack of friends compared to the 'normal' kids, Mollie was of age to realize that she kind of needed friends, maybe a boyfriend to keep her sanely in suit with the other kids. Her Father, suffering from minor issues due to the after-math of shellshock. He was stunned, distressed, and exhausted from a prolonged trauma of explosions and gunfire - a very common problem with veterans of War. Her Father was based in a wheelchair, he needed multiple medication remedies and could no longer do much for himself - still, he was a loving and caring Father. He still had capability of his actions. He was a protective Father and, as unfair as it seemed he didn't allow her to mix with lower-class children. Mollie didn't like this - but she loved her Father. She stood by his words all the way. One day, a disaster took place at home.

A group of hooded thieves knew of the expense this household held - respectful thieves if there is such a thing. They had planned a heist at The Sheehan Residence on a Saturday night. It was 03:00AM precisely and pitched black outside, when Mollie woke up to heavy crashing sounds downstairs. A smash of a window, probably the kitchen window as plates and cups began to smash against the floor. Mollie's problem having struggled to grow accordingly was stepping out of her bed at night - she was frightened of what lurked under the bed - even though she knew that nothing would ever be there. She hated it, and she didn't move. She didn't shout either, she knew somebody was breaking in and she thought her Father would take control. Maybe.

A respectful thief explains what they do - as they do it. They do not murder, they do not harm, but they are a thief, and they will take what they want with no questions asked.

Mollie hid under her duvet as she heard footsteps charging upstairs. Her room was above the kitchen - which was at the back of the house. The last room a thief would probably check. She imaged in her mind exactly where the footsteps went. Firstly, she noted possibly 4-5 thieves in her home. They appeared to enter her younger brothers room first, she was correct, she heard him scream followed by a thud, probably his feet smashing against the floor as they pulled him from his bed. Secondly, she heard her Mother yell something, then, she heard their bedroom door open with continual reloading of a gun throughout. Her Mother shrieked, followed by a murmured yell from her Father. Now more audible, she hears one of the thieves ask, Is there anybody else in this house? she didn't catch the reply, before she knew it - her bedroom door opened. Mollie jumped in fear, if only she could've hid under the bed but that was a no-go. She felt tough, grasping hands pick her up along with the duvet. She felt light and useless as she could feel herself being taken down the stairs.

The duvet was removed and a sweaty, dirty hand covered her eyes - to a bag being thrown over her face. She was now sat down on one of the kitchen chairs. She felt a ruffle behind her as another chair was position right behind her. It was her Mother or her Father but she couldn't tell. A rope was now being tied around her very tightly. It felt like an hour, but a few minutes later the bags are removed.

Mollie is facing her Father - who is tied within his wheelchair, just behind him was her Mother. Mollie herself must've been tied to her little brother. She gasps for air and with tears trembling on her eyelids she looks at her Father, as if to say, Why?. He looks back with extreme distress - the last thing he needs having already taken his medication and retired to his bed. He begins to hyperventilate and spew up lots of saliva mixed with blood. Mollie is in pure distasteful anger as she watches her Father struggle. Her Mother yells something about 'He needs to breathe, you aren't helping us here' to which a thief bags his head and replies with a 'Will this do?'.

Soon, her Fathers head plops down. Silence from under the bag - probably dead. Mollie is currently crying so much that her stomach hurts. One of the thieves - unknown due to balaclavas lifts the bag from his head, he was surely dead...His eyes open, blood all over his chin, Mollie yelps and uncontrollably vomits. She can feel her little brother behind her, crying and fiddling with the rope that binded them together. There was no way to release the rope, and even if there was - there was no chance of escaping. A balaclava'd thief walks directly in front of Mollie, pulls down the mouthpiece of his balaclava and speaks directly, Watch. He then swirls around and slits her Father's neck right in front of her. Mollie's eyes, wide, watery and sore from crying, her chest pounding from the shock, sweat on her forehead, the screams from her Mother, the panic of her little brother...What happened? It was bed time. It was normal. And now this. She dropped her head, continually expressing a desperate plea to Let Them Go. It didn't work. The thieves had already committed murder. They finished her Mother off, then her brother and finally herself. The knife slit her throat easily. In the 15 seconds of bleeding life she had left, she felt no pain. No physical pain. Just mentally, a deep remorse, a hatred, an anguish of pain and a flood of vengeance. She then died, peacefully and awfully.


The Sheehan Residence is now a famous and Victorian-era structure that first opened its doors in the late 19th century, and has since undergone extensive restoration prior to reopening for Guest visits in the 1980's. The Room in which the murders of The Sheehan Residence occurred has remained untouched (minus the clean of blood). Large and well-sized for group visits, family visits and film crews to record inside consists of a basement with two couches, and two small closet-sized dressing rooms. The basement can be highly cramped in its relatively modest changing area and green room, particularly for the said film crews to set up their equipment for 'paranormal hunts' and 'hauntings'. The Sheehan Residence is famous amongst many television shows in the modern day displaying strange goings-on and with a heavy influence of ghostly apparitions of the Sheehan Family.

Late 2013, November the 14th. It was 03:00AM when a group of drunken youths decided to visit the house, acting as if they could find a place to drink throughout the night. Evidence yields information from the Camera's all around the outside of the house that they entered through the back Kitchen window. Empty bottles had been found inside the house, some smashed, some half-empty and some not even opened - as these youths didn't get to party to what they expected to. One of the kids, Carl Matherson took several 'comedy videos' pretending to be a camera man for a TV show. The videos display him and his friends in an eery green glowing light, asking 'spirits' to call out if they are here. It was on the 5th video that shows Carl wandering through the Room where the tied-together chairs lay untouched. The video shows a young girl for a split second right behind Carl's head - lurking over him. The video shows Carl turn around in a blind panic as he says, Guys, it's gone really cold. Is it just me? and none of his friends reply. He turns around shining his phone light around the room. We see from the evidence, all members of The Sheehan Family sat in their chairs, staring bare-eyedily directly at the camera. A crushing sound of Carl's neck cracking and breaking is heard and the camera-phone drops to the floor, ending the video as it were.

The Sheehan Residence is undergoing an extensive lockdown and has yet to be reopened since the disappearance of Carl and his friends. The house stands as one of the World's most haunted houses, ever.

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