Eminem -18- Criminal

Eminem -18- Criminal

You better run now...

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Geewillykers Rupertlaughs.

About 'Geewillykers Rupertlaughs'Edit

When the song kicks in, Geewillykers Rupertlaughs jumps out of nowhere and starts dancing crazily to the song, which is at a deafening Volume: 15,000. Whilst dancing, throwing shapes and kicking his big clown shoes around, Geewillykers Rupertlaughs face will turn expressively angrier and then switch to Kill-Mode.
He carries a pin-on comedy flower that sprays a violent toxin called Derellior, when sprayed into the face it will very quickly melt the skin physically off the bone. The eyesight will remain, in which you have to watch Geewillykers Rupertlaughs dance like it's 1984, windmilling his penis around that has a red clown nose attached to the bell-end. He squeeks it from time to time, hopping and cheering as your face bleeds you to death.
By the end the song - nobody knows. You die before it ends. If you ever hear Criminal playing anywhere, run for the farthest hills possible.