About Joka KolaEdit

In his previous, more human life, Joka was a clown entertaining kids daily. He loved his job so much he even brought free Coca-Cola to kids' parties and handed them out as a sign of good will.

Not anymore.

Joka Kola is massive. Standing at 6ft 10, he is extremely imposing and dangerous beyond anything you could imagine. Joka Kola looks innocent, much like when he was human, however some noticable changes have been spotted by many Scientists*

  • Note, we didn't actually get to talk to the Scientists. We just read the notes found in the arms of their mangled, re-regurgitated corpses.

Joka Kola has mangled, twisted and contorted corpses for legs building an extremely well-built frame. His arms are made from steel girders, which have been seen flapping around wildly destroying anything in his path. Joka Kola also has the ability to manipulate different voices, such as a 4-year old child. Many victims have been lured in thinking Joka was a small boy, or in some cases, a girl.


An artists impression of Joka Kola when he was human.