About 'Lipeye Steve'Edit

When Barry was cleaning the mucky floors of The Corridor of the Babyscreamers, he came across a strange, smelly man.
He was sat in Room #7, the door was ajar with a Buddha-Earlobe doorstop (an item found at the BnKarbewtSayl). Barry was looking at the man as he sat slumped in a ball. His head in his lap with his arms cradled around his legs. He was situated by a Babyscreamer Bunkbed on the floor and he had ahold of a piece of string that was attached to a tiny hook on the ceiling.
Barry gulped as his throat tightened, "Scuse me?...uhh. Scuse me, sir?"
The man ignored him.
Barry placed his mop against the wall and gulped again. He took 3 steps forward in a crouching motion, as if to reach to the mans shoulder to console him. The piece of string had snagged onto one of Barrys arm scabs, he grunted and yelped in pain, suddenly, the man looked up.
Barry froze in shock. The mans face was totally disfigured, his hair was sweaty and plastered to his face. His head began to wobble and throttle and throw itself back harshly against the brick wall. Spittle and phlegm began to whirl out and connect to his cradled knees. He then stopped. His mouth opened wide and without a single motion a flurry of vomit oozed out, it looked like milk and cheese. His face now revealed, he opened his eyes. Instead of eyelids he had very plump lips. They fluttered violently and each lip had a small mustache above them. He did have eyes, but they were tiny and buried within the lipsocket. His arm slowly raised that had hold of the string. He yanked it and the Earlobe Buddha flung aside. The door shut behind Barry and suddenly, a sound of shrieks and tumbling began...
The man stood. His mouth still wide and almost unhinged at the jaw, his lipeyes surprisingly began to speak. "I'm Lipeye Steve', says the left eye. The right eye continues, 'and that tumbling you hear are 1,000 Babyscreamers all coming to eat you, Barry."
Barry, in his nervous way, urinates his trousers and starts to cry. He remembers a Babyscreamer from last time. They hunt in packs and have toughened knees and elbows for super-paced crawling. Much like 7up, a Babyscreamer can hit rapid speeds and travel in a tumbling motion. They come in around packs of 70, they scream and cry and nag you to the physical death. After all 1,000 have ate their victim, they will return to Lipeye Steve and await for their next meal.