About 'Lol'Edit

Not the expression you're thinking of.
Lately, there has been an unknown viral infection within The Mansion grounds. All floors and corridors have been shut down and cut off from any normal goings on.
Lol! is a stumpy creature upon its baby legs. Its back is arched like a bridge, with knobbly hills of spine pushing through its grizzled skin. Its arms are obscure, exposed elbow bones with literal elbow grease oozing which has turned into a stale paste, very potent. It is extremely heavy considering the size. The face is both an old and young face, like Benjamin Button stuck in a paradox. Lol! is certainly no creation of ours and upon finding it molesting the children of East Wing #3, we had discovered it has no pulse.
Immediately, Barry escorted Lol! to Mikes Sniff n' Touch shack unto which he beats and tests our creations to withstand ultimate bouts of pain. Lol! reacted unlike no other...
A day after testing, Mike came down with a bad cold and didnt turn up for Breakkkfast. We asked him exactly what happened during his tests. He said, in his grunty, huffy voice, "Lol! got the better of me. I have never come across such a demon" he progressed to tell of Lol! touching Mike under his garments but the stank of elbow grease made his eyeless sockets weep. Later that day, test results show that Lol! is a poltergeist and has laid a curse on all members to become severely bed bound so it can haunt and terrify you.
We have no control over Lol! and wish you the best of luck as Lol! will continue to haunt until its baby legs are wrapped around your face one night.Edit

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