About 'Nuurgle'Edit

The name 'Nuurgle' is taken from the ancient saying 'bad breath' and with that, Nuurgle was added to the list of Mansion protectors in early 2013. Rare photos of the Nuurgle have appeared on various internet websites, such as Area 51 and ''. However, this in depth look at the beast sheds some light on its being.

Nuurgle was brought into the Mansion of Delights via a huge crane, as it could not fit through the front door. The roof was lifted, and it as dropped into the lobby area, where Barry had just mopped and sweeped. He was not happy. Mike lunged for Nuurgle immediately, thinking an attack was imminent, however Nuurgle seemed pretty peaceful.

Until he opened his mouth.

Everyone in both the lobby area, and the surrounding small rooms were affected by Nuurgle's horrible breath stench, and it took hours of spraying 100's of Lynx deodorant cans (africa) to finally rid the smell. Barry passed out, even though he is expert in cleaning up sick, poo, blood, and other horrible smelly things. Mike was confused, and Scran thought it smelt/tasted lovely.

Eugene wasn't affected, however he seemed to be laughing from the pit of ancestral funtclaps as he mopped the jellyprism off the floor, where 7up had been training earlier on. Now, you're probably wondering; What is Nuurgle?.

Nuurgle is a bio-chemically created weapon, made in the factories of the Mansion, deep within the Amazon Rainforest. Nuurgle was engineered by 13 men, all of whom died during experiments. The smell seemed to overpower them, and give birth to Nuurglets; small parasite-like snails inside their bodies. Upon X-Ray, the Nuurglets burst out and attacked Mansion nurses and doctors. Nuurgle will simply stand still, and not do anything. However, his tolerance for pain is incredible, as seen when Mike attacked him full on with his claws. Nuurgle bled, but his blood was even more horrible smelling than its breath! The only 'attack' Nuurgle has, is opening its mouth.

Nuurgle simply stands in the lobby guarding it, day and night. He does not sleep, he does not eat (We tried wetting his appetite with various things, he wasn't interested a single bit. Even in the roasted Rich hair with hazelnut topping, a delicasy at the Mansion). Nuurgle simply sighs and lets out his horrible breath every hour.