About 'Red Red Wyne'Edit

Red (x2) Wyne lives in the cove of darkened illusions, located on floor #48. Floor #48, as few people know, is actually a huge cavern used much like a slums. The cavern is lit up by using ashes from various ancient Mansion beings, including TrimTheFat. More on him later.

Wyne is heard reciting the lyrics I designed an Oasis, wide open spaces. Butt-nekkid bitches having sexual relations! from time to time. It is not known if Wyne is dangerous or not, but named after a song; probably not. However it isn't Wyne you should be afraid of, but his lethal companion - Darky. Darky's spirit was originally as a black man, in his mid 40s (name unknown). He roamed the land around the Mansion, and when found, he was picked for a series of experiments. One lead to his demise, however.

Once dead, Mansion Scientists used his body to craft various beings, including Darky. Darky is a violent and evil spirit, taking the form of a parrot. This parrot sits on Wyne's shoulder and acts as his 'Yang' to Wyne's 'Ying'. The Devil to his Angel. It has been said muttering and whispering can be heard late at night when the lights go out on floor #48. Darky has been seen hovering over sleepiung hobo's and even Scran when he is feeding. Mansion today newspaper called it 'the scariest thing since Gruejor'.