Many years ago, in the basement of polluted water and abysmal customer service, something stirred in the water.
Eventually, the water was removed due to horrid smells coming from it, but something took over the basement and haunted it forever. Nobody has dared to go in there since, and the last person to be in there was Eugene.
He was cleaning up after a long days work, when he heard a shriek coming from under the stairs. Startled, he opened the door and turned the light on. Nothing in there.

However, when Eugene turned around, he saw something that still haunts him to this day. The antichrist. Feeblax.

Not much is known about Feeblax, only his aforementioned name and appearance. We managed to get a 7up lite in the room long enough for a photo of this charming ghost*, but after the flash, Feeblax saw our bot and instantly destroyed it with its mind.
Feeblax has one weakness. The hive mind located on the wall facing west. The hive mind is weak to fire, but we haven't managed to get anyone in there to set fire to it just yet. Feeblax is just too strong. He has the ability to possess any HUMAN in the Mansion currently at that time. The catch is, he has to be able to see them.
Feeblax can look INTO our camera placed in the corner, which has since been disconnected. However, its powers can send electrolytes down the cable and into our control room, spilling out into the Mansion hallways and corridors. Last week, Peter Rickson was mind controlled and made to commit suicide. Yesterday, Barry was controlled for a mere second until Eugene frightened the spirit off.

Feeblax has been seen imitating a young girl, to lure passers-by into its lair, in which it imprints its face into the brain of the victim. The victim then explodes at any given time (It is thought Feeblax can control this) before reciting some form of religious poem. Feeblax is extremely anti-religion, and attacks anyone bearing a cross instantly.
We are unsure what to do with Feeblax, as it has amazing strength and indefinite power emitting from it constantly.
Mike has asked us to go in and see if he can damage Feeblax, along with Spike. The Rookie has even offered. We are currently coming up with a solution that suits everyone. Please stand by.