About The GruejorEdit

The Gruejor is neither male or female and is 9ft in height. It is always fully naked, up it's body it has dents and holes containing masses of black gunge and long spiking pubic hairs. Neither gender, The Gruejor is extremely sexually active and has a long flopping penis that constantly drips 'semen'. It chases you from the very end of Corridor #B8 at top speeds. As it passes a light bulb it smashes immediately and gets faster and faster - you end up running into descending darkness. The Gruejor has the ability to teleport: so as you run into the darkness, it comes from the opposite end directly towards you. If you manage to turn around and run the other way, extremely loud music is played at Volume 5,000 - deafening your ear drums and vibrations so tremendous it knocks you to the floor. The Gruejor then mounts your body and becoming erect, begins to poke and throttle you with its long slippery penis. The penis functions like a tongue, whipping and lashing all over you. It doesn't matter whether you're female or male, the Gruejor will impregnate you with 24,562 of its babies. The birth process of Gruejors are explicitly painful and nauseating. The chances of living after a 'Case: Gruejor Rape' are inevitably daunting - though if you manage to live long enough you will give birth to a Gruejor every hour until all 24,562 are born. Not a single victim has yet to live past Gruejor No. #15.