Man? No. Dinosaur? No. Disturbing? Yes.

Triceppatops is the most complete form of Scran, having injected him with sterium A or after a rather large Scran session. It should be noted that Scran can only turn into Triceppatops for a few minutes at one time, unless injected with the aforementioned sterium A.

Triceppatops was first encountered in the coridoor of revealing lights, floor #835 in room one. Scran was seen munching on a sandwich Barry had left over from his shift the night before. As his body began to grow, Eugene thought it was normality at its finest. A tall, skinny being eating for the first time in ages is bound to grow, right? However, Scran continued to grow and grow. Eugene quickly dialled Barry's satellite phone, and told him about the matter unfolding infront of his beady eyes. Barry stated he had cheese and pickle in his sandwiches, and Eugene was even more confused than before. However, before he could study Scran more as he changed, something totally different to Scran burst out of the room and charged into Eugene.

I am Triceppatops, it said. Eugene was frozen in fear, but knew he'd be dead already if it wanted to kill him.

More informationEdit

Eugene tells us that Triceppatops is Scran's body morphed simply into two large long arms, with huge tricep muscles. It uses its hands (and force of its tricep muscles) to push itself up off the ground thus 'jumping' around. The arms are connected to a ballsack at the top, strange as it may seem. The sack has two eyes, these have been confirmed as Scran's original eyes. Triceppatops' mouth is hidden by a beard as long as the arms themselves. On the end of the arms are hands as normal, however razor sharp fingernails long enough to pierce steel and any other metal they encounter. It is thought Triceppatops is extremely intelligent, and isn't feral but is if agitated. We ran tests on Triceppatops in the arena one night, and asked Barry to throw stones at it from above. After being injected with enough Sterium A to last ten minutes, Scran began to morph. As soon as the first stone was thrown, Triceppatops simply asked Barry to stop.

A few more stone throws later, Triceppatops was ripping apart the cage of delights, and even ripped a poor Scientist in half. Then it morphed back into Scran. Scran ran quickly back into the main Mansion and hid for days on end, starved as per usual. A few crumbs were thrown his way, but nothing substantial. We must never allow Triceppatops to be released into the general public, as it is unstable and quite frankly the strongest thing we have at the Mansion.